A Decentralized Crypto Marketplace
The ICO has been postponed by the project CEO for to give a more stronger base to the project.
More details are coming soon.
ICO Postponed

About Zigger

Zigger is a global peer to peer marketplace designed for bitcoin community to enable them to sell and buy anything with bitcoin payment. This Marketplace allows you to sell and buy both used and Brand New Goods for bitcoin. The team behind the Zigger project will struggle hard to make it a wide marketplace to enrich it with almost all of the bitcoin users to buy and sell anything with bitcoin. It will enable you to search for the local sellers from your own city/place. Zigger enables any person to publish his/her product with all the details of the product and contact info for buyers convenience.

Zigger Token (ZGR) is based on ERC20 Ethereum blockchain issued with ethereum smart contract. Along with Bitcoin, Zigger token will also be used as payment currency for the Zigger platform to buy and sell different goods on the site. Marketplace subscriptions for merchants will be given at 25% discount if anyone will pay with ZGR Coin. This features of Zigger secures the investors’ capital, who invest in Zigger ICO and ensures the profit of the investors. Zigger platform has planned a revenue model for the investors under which 80% of the revenue from Zigger platform will be distributed on monthly base among the Zigger Token holders in ZGR currency which will maintain a continuous demand of the token in the market

Why we need Zigger

It is the need of the day to provide a marketplace where people from every corner of the world will be able to buy and sell anything for bitcoin. It will solve the problem of those people who are unable to buy any or some of the products for their daily needs with bitcoin and constrainedly convert their bitcoins to fiat.
Under the brand of Zigger we will design a platform where the users of bitcoin will be able to search for their desired products to buy with bitcoin, they will readily find all the merchants around the world who are accepting bitcoin. It will be a targeted platform for the merchants to avail the users of bitcoin with their products. Its special feature will bring more attraction that with Zigger site map or mobile app map the users will be able to find the sellers in their own place for their desired product. This feature will be a great tool to support the use of bitcoin in local markets, to deduct the shipping fees for purchases and to buy even those products which are not available at online shops because of its lowest expiry time i.e. vegetables, fruits and other food. Shops or merchants who start accepting bitcoin will pop up on the map notifying the users that they are now accepting bitcoins.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to facilitate each and every user of bitcoin to enable them to use bitcoin as a currency without any hurdle and restriction in every field of their life.
We will continue our struggle to enhance the community of bitcoin and this marketplace to a level that each and every user of bitcoin will find the sellers and buyers for almost all of the products in their own city, which will enable the bitcoin community to buy even fruits and vegetable for bitcoin.
The side purpose of this project is to give a strong base to bitcoin. With the enhanced convenience for the users of bitcoin, no one will hesitate to adopt bitcoin and to use it instead of fiat which will result in a mass adoption of bitcoin giving more strength to its value.

Investors Revenue Model

We have acquired four different ways to ensure the revenue for the investors of Zigger platform which are:

  • Zigger will charge 1% fees on each sale, the transaction of which will take place under the Zigger platform
  • The sellers who will maintain a storefront on Zigger marketplace will be charged with a suitable pricing structure depending on different membership packages
  • Online marketing service is another source of revenue of Zigger Marketplace in which the merchants/sellers will pay to promote their products and storefront.
Under the Investors Revenue Model, 80% of the total Revenue of Zigger platform will be distributed among the Zigger token holders. The dividends will be issued in ZGR Coin, ensuring a continues and definite demand of ZGR Coin in the market which will increase the value of the coin to a higher level.

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Phase-I (Project preparation & Crowdfunding)
The new Roadmap will be updated sooner

Phase II (Building & setting up Zigger Platform)
The new Roadmap will be updated sooner

Zigger Token

  • Total Supply: 30,000,000
  • Token price: 600 ZGR/Eth
  • Minimum goal: 1000 Eth
  • Currency Accepted: Ethereum
  • Available for sale: 28350000 ZGR
  • Team Members & Developers: 1500000 ZGR
  • (The team & developers share will be locked for 5 months after that will be distributed as 5% per month among them)
  • Reserved for Bounty: 150000 ZGR
  • Contract Source Code

ICO Details:

  • ICO Starts: ICO delayed
  • ICO Ends: ICO delayed
  • 1st 24 hours discount = 40%
  • 1st week discount = 35%
  • 2nd Week Discount = 25%
  • 3rd Week Discount = 15%

Bounty Details:

  • Signature Campaign (90000 token), ( in BTC & token)
  • Facebook Campaign (10000 tokens))
  • Twitter Campaign (10000 tokens)
  • Translations (5000 tokens)
  • Blog Article/reviews/news (5000 tokens)
  • Youtube Video campaign (100 tokens/video, total =20000)
  • Other promotional supporters (10000 tokens)

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